Application process at Brunel

So now you have applied, what happens next?

Step 1


First we look at everything that you send in with your application. We might even get in touch to ask you for some additional information. If you have applied with us in the past year, we already have most details on hand which makes the process even easier.

Step 2

We'll get in touch

After looking through your details we will have an idea of your potential suitability for a role through Brunel. One of our consultants will give you a call to get to know each other better.

Step 3

Interview with your consultant - Deeper dive regarding your experience

Next, we have a more in-depth interview, preferably over a video call. Here, we are very interested in hearing about your ambitions and work experience. Based on these, we can tell you about opportunities through Brunel and talk about how we can help you move your career forward.

Step 4

Match your potential with our clients

Once we have a good understanding of your experience, capabilities, and aspirations, we can introduce your profile to the client that has the right opportunity available. If the client shares interest in your potential, Brunel will arrange any meetings, verifications, permits, or clearances necessary for you to go on the assignment. We make sure all requirements are met for both you and the client to start working together.

Step 5

After the interview

If the interview goes well and you are as excited as the client is with the opportunity, we will discuss all the details with you. Once everything is clear to both you and the client we will organize your start date, contract, and take care of all other legal administration for you.

Step 6

Welcome to the Brunel family!

If your new job is based in a new location, Brunel will organize everything you need; we handle all global-mobility needs such as immigration, visas, tax advice and support, housing, and local orientations. After you are settled and happy in your new position, Brunel will stay close and continue to support you. Later, when the time is right, we can again assist you with the next step in your career.